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Uploaded KAOS Radio Interview

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Radio

In studio with Johnny Koch of KAOS on October 16, 2011 (Olympia, WA)

Radio Interview with Johnny Koch of KAOS

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Radio

Flew into Seattle this morning, then drove down to Olympia to chat with KAOS’ Johnny Koch (pronounced “Coke.”)   I’d done two radio interviews previously, but this was the first in-studio…so I had to put the headphones on (felt like ‘kind of a big deal.’)   John and I talked about Seattle music, and of course Olympia’s contribution to the whole deal.  We discussed some underexposed Seattle bands like the Young Fresh Fellows, the U-Men (of course), the Fastbacks, the Squirrels, Coffin Break, the Blackouts, and Red Dress.  We also chatted about KAOS’ contribution to the music with folks like John Foster, Stephen Rabow, Bruce Pavitt, Calvin Johnson and others.  See the pics below… (note, the second pic shows a snippet of KAOS’ CD library.  The green stickers on the CDs means they were released by an independent record label.  KAOS’ “Green Line Policy,” instituted under Foster’s leadership back in the ’70s, ensures 80% of all music played on the station comes from non-major label sources.)

Hear the interview on John’s blog at (somebody give me a synonym for “amazing.”  Please.)

Had a blast chatting with Scott today by phone.  As a member of Room Nine, the Young Pioneers, Chemistry Set, and others, I interviewed him twice for the book…so now it was time for Scott to query me.  Our chat seemed to pick up where our previous conversations had left off.  Mostly, I talked about the myths surrounding Seattle music, and he shared with me a couple of stories I hadn’t heard before.  A portion of the interview will will air on Monday, October 17, with the remainder to be available on KZOK’s website.

Radio Interview, WXRX

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Radio

Here’s the interview from the WXRX website:

WXRX-FM (Rockford, IL), Monday, September 26, 5:15 pm on the Stone & Double T show, via phone.

They’re in Rockford, Illinois, I’m in Philly, and the book’s about Seattle.  So, what’s the connection? 

I don’t know.