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(Carla Torgerson’s wall of guitars)

(John Conte, seated; Carla Torgerson on guitar; Scott Schickler on drums)

(Scott, Glenn Slater on keyboards, Leighton Beezer on guitar)

(Scott reaches for a beer)

(John and Carla)

Breakfast With Jack Endino

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Band Shots, etc.

(Breakfast yesterday in Ballard with producer/musician Jack Endino…got a Kandi Coded record out of the deal, so now I have an excuse to get a turntable)

(Tad Hutchison and Scott McCaughey)

(Rob and Chuck Carroll)

(Chuck and Jim Sangster)

(Preacher Rob presiding)

As put together by my beautiful wife…

Chris Hanzsek’s present to me upon completion of a 2007 Mt. Index hike.

First Young Fresh Fellows club gig poster.  (The inside joke is that everytime I’d mention Uno, my wife would say, “Isn’t that the Popllama guy?”)

 The world’s greatest rock n roll band.

The Cokes!

Giant chess board in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

The notorious Green River shirt…courtesy of Jim Sorenson.

The book panel at Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, October 19, 2011

Mr. Seattle reads my book!

Green River reunion show, July 2008

The joke here is that I kept telling my wife, “I’m working on this Red Dress piece.  I’m working on this Red Dress piece.”  It’s finally up on the blog in the cutting room floor section.


Tad’s Dead Juniper Bush

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Band Shots, etc.

(This bush–photographed by me in Seattle’s University District in 2007–died in 1988, and relates to a story involving members of TAD, Mudhoney, and a street gang.  More to follow…of course this begs the question: why was it still there?)

Johnny in his classic stance….photo from Paul Hood, whose band, the Meyce, opened.

(I look like shit, but at least Kevin looks good…note Kevin’s buddy peeking out from behind him. He told me some good “meeting James Brown” stories.)